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Before you download any of the  RealTick stock trading pages, please understand that you must be a RealTick stock trading software subscriber in order to use these files.  In order for the trading pages to work properly, you must download all the MQT files first and save them in your PARM directory.  Please save all the stock trading pages in your PAGES directory.  You may need to change the resolution for the pages to open properly.  If you like any of my stock trading pages, then right click over the text links and choose "save target as."  This would download the pages.  One more thing.  After you download the trading pages and before you open them, while RealTick stock trading software is running, right click over the top bar (take your mouse all the way up to the blue line).  Choose "Set System defaults" then make sure that the "up tick" color is BRIGHT green, and make sure that the "No Caption Box" is NOT checked.  You should get more screen space and be be to open the pages properly.  Enjoy and Profit!

RealTick MQT* files


New Favorite Window for the Oz Scanner Stock Trading Software

Stock Trading Software - Oz Scanner

Click Here to Download The New
Oz Scanner Favorite Window

After you download this file, please drop this file in C:\TAL\favorites\Market Minder

If the Market Minder folder does not exist, please create it in the
"favorites" directory.

To use this file, click the "favorites" option in RealTick then select
Market Minder then select TonyOzScanner

You may drag stock symbols out of this favorite into linked Level II or Minders to display charts as you need.  The first 8 results of each scan is displayed in this favorite.  Please drag and drop the scan symbol into a minder to display the rest of the alerts for that particular scan (if any - the number in the total column must be greater than 8).


Single Monitor Trading Page*

Stock Trading Software - Single Monitor

Click Here to Download 1MTONY1 Stock Trading Page

1024 X 768 resolution 


Dual Monitors Trading Page*

Stock Trading Software - Dual Monitors

Click Here to Download This Stock Trading Page

2048 X 768 resolution




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