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"I have read several books on stock trading online, and some of them have been very helpful. But I cannot say that any of the other books actually improved my online trading results. Trading books tend to be written by people who act as advisors, or observers, of the market. These people make their living observing the market in a detached fashion.

By contrast, Tony Oz is a professional trader. He knows what it is like to  face the market day in and day out, and has proven that he can take money out of the market on a regular basis.  What makes this book invaluable is the actual stock trading setups and the specificity with which they are described. Oz walks the reader through his setups, providing precise entry points and numerous examples. These setups provide profitable opportunities in the market day in and day out. I have not found another book that is so clear about its trading setups, or where the setups have been so consistently successful. I can say without question that this book is worth every penny." A.L. ~ Kingston, Ontario Canada

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Hi everyone, I'd like to thank you for visiting my home page, and I hope that you'll be able to learn a few valuable things that will help you with your personal stock trading and stock investing strategies.

First, I want to take this opportunity and tell you a little bit about myself.  I placed my very first stock trade in 1986 with the HOPE that I could make some money in the stock market.  And since that day, I have made plenty of mistakes, and I have paid "big money" to learn some very painful lessons.  I knew, however, that success in stock trading could be reached if I learned from my mistakes. 

Twenty years ago, I was the guy who wanted to become a stock trader one day.  I would call my stock broker with a shaky and very nervous voice trying to place orders or check on the performance of my stock holdings. 

I remember now, that I made my stock trading decisions based on a couple of factors: hope and dreams.  As the years passed by, this "not-so-young-anymore" stock trader has started to mature, and as I continued to learn sound stock market trading techniques from all the "bad" trades I have executed, hope and dreams were replaced by knowledge and experience!

Fast forward 12 years and in January of 1998, I decided to enter the Classic Hedge Hog Stock Trading Contest to test the different stock trading systems and stock market scans I developed.  I thought that a contest would be the perfect environment to test my strategies.  Because no day trading was allowed, and all buy and sell were market-on-close orders, it made participating in the contests an easy task, even for an active trader such as myself. 

Over the following five months, I competed in five contests.  Amazingly enough, I won first place three times, third place once, and I finished in fifth place in another one. There were about 2300 contestants in each of the contests. 

The impressive results of the stock trading contests and the posting of my email address in the "hall of fame," motivated hundreds of stock traders, who wanted to know how I did it, to contact me.  Since they all knew that my worst performance was a fifth place finish, I was receiving more and more emails every day. 

One of the reasons that I was getting so much interest was because I was trailing and in 7th place going into the last two days of what was the most competitive stock trading contest, in the history of Hedge-Hog.  There were at least 35 traders that could win that one on the last two days. 

As I was running my stock market trading scans, I noticed that I was getting a lot of Sky Scraper setups that day, so I closed all my long positions and went 100% short.  The stock market corrected big time over the next two days, and the stocks that I was short really went down hard.  At the end, I had a four week return of 106% and I won the contest with a big lead. 

The main question I got from all the emails I received was why did I switch, and how did I know exactly when to switch from long to short.  At the time, I didn't think that it would take an entire book to explain what seemed so natural to me, but it did.

While all the emails came pouring in, I was also involved with Day Traders of Orange County where traders were meeting twice a month to discuss trading strategies.  From my interactions with what would be thousands of traders at this point of time, I saw a real need for high-quality stock trading educational programs. 

I created my stock trading educational products mainly for one reason. I wanted to help people learn from my OWN mistakes. When I got involved with Day Traders of Orange County, I realized that the members were making the same mistakes that I have made earlier in my career. Consequently, I was motivated to share my passion for stock trading in my books.

I was really overwhelmed by the warm welcome and success that my first book, Stock Trading Wizard, had, and when I was challenged to write a trading diary using the rules and guidelines from that book I accepted it. And the result was another blockbuster book, The Stock Trader.  With over 100 REAL trades featured in detail in this book, readers now could see what it is really like to be a professional trader.  Indeed, many industry pros felt that I have raised the bar really high with this book, and to this day it is their absolute favorite. 

In my last book, How to Take Money from Wall Street, I tried to tie all the knots together and answer all the questions that were still coming in after the first two books.  And in my opinion, it is the best of all my books to start with.  If you find that you really like what you have read in this book, and you would like to really trade the same way that I do, then recommend the four-CDs stock trading course as well.  The CD course will put my voice behind the words you read in my books, and it will really bring to life the way I trade stocks for a living.

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Stock Market Trading Books

Stock Market Trading Books

Books by Tony Oz are available through Yahoo! Store. The new version of the book, The Stock Trader - How I Make a Living Trading Stocks will be available in November 2006.  We also expect that the out-of-print book, Stock Trading Wizard - Advanced Short-Term Trading Strategies for Swing and Day Trading will be available by December 2006.

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I have been committed to learning all there is to learn about stock trading. More importantly, I truly believed that I would be successful at it. I can’t tell you how many new lessons I learned each and every day that I turned on my stock trading software and pressed the buy or sell button.
Swing Trading
A stock trading strategy that tries to capitalize on a stock move over a short period of time. Normally, it is based on high probability technical setups. The idea is to try and maximize the potential profit from a swing in stock prices over 2-5 days, and this is where the term swing trader originated.
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